Virtual 01305 Dorchester Numbers

Choose your own 01305 number. Calls get diverted to your existing phone line, wherever you're based.

How do virtual 01305 numbers work?

When your virtual 01305 Dorchester number is dialled, the caller is instantly diverted to your existing landline or mobile.  You don’t need any new hardware and there are no apps to download.

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Managing your virtual number is easy.

Rich in features, the WowTel online control panel lets you set up time of day call routing plans, activate voicemail and missed call alerts, redirect your number and study your incoming call history. Plus, there’s a huge selection of advanced features we can tailor to you specific needs.  Find out more.

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How much do virtual phone numbers cost?

Our bronze virtual phone numbers attract no set-up fee, and include 500 incoming call minutes when your calls connect to a landline or 250 minutes when calls are delivered to your mobile, all for just £9.99 a month.

Memorable numbers incur a small one off set-up fee plus a monthly service charge, and include larger inclusive call packages. See all our packages below.

Calls outside of inclusive packages cost 2.5p/min when delivered to a landline and 5p/min when delivered to a mobile.

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How much can your business save?

Advertising multiple virtual phone numbers give you a superb way of measuring the successes of your company’s various marketing campaigns.  Simply insert a unique virtual phone number in to each different advert to see how well it performs.

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Use the number to make outbound calls, too.

If you’d like to make phone calls from the virtual number, just let us know.  We’ll set the service up as a VoIP line and provide a digital handset or a desktop or mobile app to make and receive your calls.   Click here to learn more about our VoIP service.

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Get your FREE 30 day trial.

This May we are offering a FREE 30 day trial, so you’ve nothing to lose!

Just select a number from the selection of 01305 numbers below and complete the order form to get started.

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Questions? Call me today on 0800 088 6666 for help choosing the best phone number for your business.

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