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WowTel VoIP: Core features

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Redirect your phone calls to another landline or mobile and never miss a call.

Call Routing Plans

Call Routing Plans

Set up call routing schedules dependant on the time of day or day of week.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting

Your team always know when a call needs picking up.

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Desktop Softphone

Make calls and receive calls via WowTel's desktop softphone

Mobile App

Mobile App

Make calls and receive calls via WowTel's mobile app


Let callers leave a message when no-one is available to answer.

And there's more...

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Auto Attendant

Greet callers with a custom recording and a choice of extensions to automatically route calls to the right department.

Busy Lamp Field VoiP Feature

Busy Lamp Field

Instantly see which handsets on your phone system are busy

call statistics feature

Call Statistics

Monitor agent productivity with a full record of call dates, times and durations.

Call Blocking

Block nuisance callers, and bar calls to individual and certain types of numbers, such as to international and premium rate numbers.

Call Centre Supervisor

Monitor and manage call distribution queues via a web application.

Call recording

Automated call recording stores every phone call for up to 7 years.

call whisper feature

Call Whisper

A brief pre-recorded message is played to you so you know what number has been called. Great if you use multiple numbers in your marketing campaigns.

Caller ID

See the phone number of the caller.

Virtual Switchboard

Conference Calling

Conferencing lets users in the office set up and join conference calls at any time from anywhere.

CRM Integration

Plug your company CRM system in to WowTel's VoIP platform.

Music on Hold

Play recorded music to callers while their placed on hold. Not ideal, but better than silence!

Video Calling

The option to talk face to face.

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VoIP for Call Centre Agents

Allow agents to log in and out of automatic call distribution queues.

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