Cheap International Calls

Make the cheapest international phone calls from the UK

Make overseas calls from 1p/min


No PINs to remember, and no sign-up process

You simply dial the access number for the country you want to call.

It’s that easy!

young woman looking at her phone
  1. Call our access number from your landline or mobile.
  2. You’ll hear a quick greeting.
  3. Now dial the full international number of the person you want to chat to.
  4. You’ll pay the quoted rate per minute, plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Not subscribed to a plan?

0845 charges

If you don’t subscribe to a plan that includes calls to 0845 numbers, the cost of calling our 0845 is 5p/min (plus your phone provider’s access charge).

0870 charges

Calls to our 0870 access number cost 12p/min (plus your phone provider’s access charge).

You can call me free on 0800 44 99 66 if you have any questions.

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