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Venezuelan Toll-Free Numbers

Get a free-to-call phone number.

Remove potential barriers

It’s no secret that employing a free-to-call phone number in your marketing increases response rates.

With a Venezuelan toll-free number, you’ll remove any perceived barrier a potential customer might have in making that enquiry to your business.

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No new equipment needed

When you get a Venezuelan number for your business, there’s no requirement for any new equipment, and the service works on any system.

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The caller is instantly diverted to your phone

The incoming calls get connected to your existing phone lines.

You’ll still be able to make and receive calls as usual, too.

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Managing your Venezuelan number is easy.

Rich in features, the WowTel online control panel lets you set up advanced time of day call routing plans, activate voicemail and missed call alerts, redirect your number and study your incoming call history.

Plus, there’s a huge selection of advanced features we can tailor to your specific needs.

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What our numbers will cost you

Toll Free Numbers

One-off Connection Fee £9.99
Monthly Service Charge £9.99
Incoming Call Cost 15p per minute at all times (when routed to a UK landline)
18p per minute at all times (when routed to a UK mobile)
Mobile Access Surcharge Limited mobile access
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Venezuelan local dialling codes

Area NameArea Code
Barquisimeto(0058) + 251
Caracas(0058) + 212
Ciudad Bolivar(0058) + 85
Cumana(0058) + 93
El Valle(0058) + 95
Maracaibo(0058) + 61
Maracay(0058) + 43
Maturin(0058) + 91
Merida(0058) + 275
Mobile(0058) + 412,414-418
Playa El Agun(0058) + 95
Puerto Cabello(0058) + 42
Puerto La Cruz(0058) + 281
San Cristobal(0058) + 76
San Diego(0058) + 41
Santa Fe(0058) + 93
Valencia(0058) + 41
Valera(0058) + 71