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The Economy’s Shifting… But What About International Call Charges?

It’s safe to say that we’re all feeling the pinch right now. With news that inflation is set to rise and that the cost of living crisis is going to get worse before it improves, millions of people are tightening their belts. While energy prices skyrocket, we can expect some call charges to follow a similar route. But what if you depend on calling friends and family abroad?

The great news is, Wowtel’s free international calls aren’t going anywhere. Providing your mobile or landline tariff covers you for 0845 and 0870 numbers within your monthly minutes, you can still reach hundreds of international territories for FREE. Why should you spend more on pointless international call add-ons when we can grant you access at no extra cost?

What about free calls to Israel?

You may have heard that there have been regulation changes in Israel recently that may alter how you pay for calls to landlines and mobiles within the country. On top of potential price hikes here in the UK, we don’t blame you for being worried! In the face of call charges getting increasingly expensive, you’re likely looking for some financial respite.

Here’s where we can help. Wowtel has recently arranged for all calls through our 0845 and 0870 access numbers to continue connecting to Israeli phones – whether landline or mobile. You don’t have to worry about losing touch, and you certainly don’t have to start scraping the pennies together.

If you’re already calling phones in Israel and you’re noticing your bills are starting to spike, now’s the time to use our free numbers to bypass traditional charges. There’s no catch or hidden ties.

How do I start making calls to Israel for free?

Simple! Firstly, make sure your mobile or landline tariff covers you for 0845 and 0870 numbers before dialling. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying the standard per-minute rate. If these numbers are included in your tariff, all you have to pay is your agreed monthly contract rates!

Once you’ve checked these details, call either 0845 2222 777 or 08700 477 777. Both will connect you to our international switchboard, and you’ll receive a warm Wowtel greeting! Let this play out, and once you hear the dial tone, you’re ready to go.

Enter in the whole of the Israel number you’d like to call – making sure you use the 00972 prefix as usual. Wait for the call tone to start, and for the person at the other end to pick up!

Your call is free for as long as your tariff stipulates. Be sure to check with your mobile network and/or landline provider to ensure you don’t get charged more than you expect!

Don’t lose out on keeping in touch with loved ones as a result of expensive call costs. Wowtel keeps you calling mobiles and landlines within your phone tariff – at no extra charge. Grab our 0845 and 0870 international access numbers and stay connected for free!

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